Stellenbosch University | Political Science



Prof. Janis van der Westhuizen

Tel: +27 21 808 2502


BA Hons (RAU); MA (Stellenbosch); Ph.D (Dalhousie)

Teaching specialisation

Comparative Politics (3rd year level); Comparative Political Economy of Development (Honours level); Comparative Political Economy (2nd year level).

Research Interests

Comparing Brazil and South Africa as rising powers (and the role of domestic constituencies); South African foreign policy.

Recent publications

“Between domestic interests and regional obligations: class compromise and the evolution of South Africa’s development cooperation programme.” Journal of international Relations and Development 2019; 22(4):934-953.

“Development cooperation, the international–domestic nexus and the graduation dilemma: comparing South Africa and Brazil.” Cambridge Review of International Affairs 2019; 32(1):22-42.

“Corporatism as a Crisis Response to Democratisation? Comparing the Rise and Fall of Corporatism in South Korea and South Africa.” Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies 2018; 45(2):291-308.

“South Africa’s soft power conundrum: How to win friends and influence people in Africa.” Journal of Political Power 2016; 9(3):449-466.

“Comparing the rise and fall of the authoritarian developmental state in Brazil and South Africa.” Journal of Contemporary History 2016; 41(2):105-119.

“Brazil and South Africa: The ‘odd couple’ of the South Atlantic?.” Commonwealth and Comparative Politics 2016; 54(2):232-251.

“Pragmatic internationalism: public opinion on South Africa’s role in the world.” Journal of Contemporary African Studies 2015; 33(3):318-347.

“Why Corporatism Collapsed in South Africa: The significance of NEDLAC.” Africa Spectrum 2015; 50(2):87-100.

“South Africa’s Middle Power Ambitions: Riding the Dragon or Being its Pet” in Bruce Gilley and Andrew O’Neill (eds.) 2014 Middle Powers and the Rise of China (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press) with Sven Grimm.

“Class compromise as middle power activism? Comparing South Africa and Brazil” Government and Opposition, January 2013.

“Falling on fertile ground? The story of emerging powers’ claims for redistribution and the global poverty debate” Global Society 26:3, 2012.

“South Africa’s role in the world: a public opinion survey” SAFPI Policy Brief 55, 2013, with K Smith.

“Bread or Circusses? The 2010 World Cup and South Africa’s quest for marketing power” International Journal of the History of Sport 28 (1), January 2011,with K Swart.

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“Glitz, Glamour and the Gautrain: Mega-Projects as Political Symbols” Politikon 34 (3) December 2007.