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The Department of Political Science is a dynamic, research-driven unit with a focus on the political challenges which South Africa and the broader African continent must face in a globalising world. Through comprehensive research programmes, the department has developed expertise in a wide spectrum of international, African and domestic politics. Pressing issues such as poverty, development, globalisation and inequality are addressed at the under- and postgraduate levels. The department provides high-level theoretical and analytical training in a variety of subfields of Political Science, with particular focus on political risk analysis, public policy analysis, political behaviour and survey research, foreign policy analysis, global governance, and conflict and peace studies in Africa. Experts from practice and international universities are frequently involved in the presentation of modules.

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BOOK LAUNCH: Prof Amanda Gouws: Feminist Institutionalism in South Africa, 12 March 2024, The Book Lounge, 5.30pm for 6pm. RSVP:

Congratulations to Dr Mandira Bagwandeen on the recent publication on Africa-China relations. The report, published by the Institute for Security Studies, discusses the need for a comprehensive and common African approach to China.

In recognition of his work on arms control and disarmament in Africa, Dr Guy Lamb has been invited to serve as a Non-Resident Fellow of the Geneva-based United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR).

Congratulations to Prof. Amanda Gouws for being awarded the prestigious SU Conversation Africa award for the SU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in 2023. Three staff members from the Political Science Department were in the top 5 in relation to this award in the Faculty.

Congratulations to Dr Guy Lamb for being invited to serve on the INTERPOL Future Council, a global expert group of 8 members that advises INTERPOL on the implementation of its Vision 2030.

Department Chair, Prof. Nicola de Jager was part of a panel at the University of Pretoria on current trends in African politics.