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Short Course in Political Analysis


In an ever-increasing politically insecure world, international organisations are increasingly turning to political risk and the analysis thereof, which is mostly centred on problem solving theory. Problem solving theory can be complemented with decision theory, aiding rational decision-making under uncertainty. Political Risk Analysis is a practical and useful tool, and should play an integral role in a company, organisation or individual’s strategic planning. The goal of this course is to offer a systematic introduction for assessing macro and micro challenges and opportunities, by conducting political risk analysis. When conducting a risk analysis the emphasis is placed on the interchangeable connection between theory, research and practice, as well as the integration of various approaches towards risk analysis in an organised framework. This course will familiarise participants with the concepts and methods around political risk analysis; it will enable participants to better understand the rationale behind political risk analysis and provide the skills necessary to practice political risk analysis. Scenario planning and/or policy analysis may also form part of the course.


On completion of this course, participants should be able to analyse, measure, manage and mitigate political economic risk as potential risk (and opportunities) to foreign investments, organisations and individuals. Accordingly, this course is best suited to individuals that need an introduction to political risk analysis, but also individuals that have a basic understanding of risk analysis with the need to explore various approaches towards risk analysis in an organised framework.

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